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Bling Catchers!!

If you can tie a knot and glue 2 tiles together, you can make a bling catcher!! (and if you cant tie a knot, we can tie it for you) Create these stunning bling catchers for your garden, porch or for indoors. They can be left outside year long. Make them short or make them long, they will be beautiful no matter what! We have templates you can follow or you can create your own design. They swivel in the wind and at certain times through out the day, they will throw rainbows and orbs all around your home or garden! (and even your neighbors) This is a great drop in project, a perfect party for kids or adults, and a great girls night out. Everyone feels good with what they go home with. These make awesome gifts that are perfect for gardens, porches, windows or anywhere you need a little extra “bling”.

One time class. Drop in anytime or create your own party.
Make 2 for $20 or 3 for $25.

Bling Catchers

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