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Come on over and break something at world renowned glass and tile studio Jablon Studios. Experience a positive and creative chance to be in a real artists working studio with stained glass in

a mosaic fashion. With mosaics, we can re­create the stained glass look, without the pattern cutting, grinding, and sautering. You will learn how to use the stained glass tools to score and break the glass.

You will learn to use the grinders and learn to cut the glass to fit specific shapes as done in the traditional stained glass process, minus the traditional stained glass patterns (if you want them, we can print

some for you!) You will also learn how to adhere and grout to the stained glass as done in the mosaic process. You will get all the beauty, light, and the traditional look you get from Stained Glass without all

the tedious steps normally needed. You get to choose from our massive and impressive glass selection and can also incorporate glass tiles or metled glass as well.

Amaze your

Stained Glass Mosaics

SKU: 364215376135199
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