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Learn how to assemble the frame in a few simple steps! We will make the frame out of distressed barn wood and leave a square opening for our succulents to

grow! Succulents are water storing, thick, fleshy plants that have a striking and unusual appearance! They need very little care or attention. You will learn

how to simply and securely root the succulents, using easy household materials. Decorating your frame can vary from natural distressed wood to paint,

stain or decoupage. All materials are provided, including a variety of succulents. Once the succulents take root after laying vertical for 1 month, your succulent gardens will

be ready to hang on the wall year round! The frame made in class can be left as is or mosaiced or decorated as choice.


Students can also bring in their own frames or other succulent projects as well.

Succulents are included in the class and avalible for additional sale.


Mist weekly and enjoy your living art for years to come!!

Succulent Wreaths

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