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Emily Jablon

Emily is an award winning, community artist raised in Binghamton New York. She attended the University of Vermont for her degree in Chinese, before returning to Binghamton to pursue a career in the arts. She specializes in mosaic work and glass work. Currently, she runs art classes from her local studio and is a leader in the Binghamton arts community. Her various public works projects  have transformed the city, creating an arts culture for residents and visitors to enjoy. Emily takes a placemaking approach to her design of public spaces in that she actively seeks to promote people's health, happiness and well being through her public work. She develops underutilized space to enhance the urban experience of Binghamton community members and visitors.

See Emily Featured in

"Binghamton Valley of Creativity"

While on a two day book launch for a book with Binghamton ties, an author brings a film crew back to his hometown to meet with some of the most influential people in the arts scene. The people that are actually doing it. To try and determine what is so special about that place. Why is Binghamton so creative?

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