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Steam In Schools

STEAM stands for Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. It represents an initiative to integrate artistic learning with scientific thought process in order to develop creative and analytical thinking skills in students. Jablon Studios offers visiting artist programs that can last anywhere from just a few hours to a year long engagement. In the past schools have used the program for day long education sessions, STEAM day celebrations, large scale mosaic works and individual projects. 

Greene Schools

Jablon Studios worked with Greene Central School District to introduce students to the arts. Students worked on 300 square foot mural to celebrate and commemorate their annual Labor Day picnic. The project was three month intensive in which Jablon Studios created a pop-up mosaic workshop for students to work on the mosaic. Students collaborated with Emily to determine which aspects of the picnic were most important to capture and worked together to bring their ideas to life.


Jablon Studios worked with the Maine Endwell School District for a two day STEAM initiative in which students created "bling catchers" to decorate their classroom. In addition to learning about art through mosaic, students also learned the science behind light reflecting color. 


Jablon Studios worked with West Middle School District to create an art-based afterschool initiative in which students collaborated to create a 100 square foot mosaic for their school garden. Throughout the program, students learned basic mosaic techniques and skills while developing their creative thinking. The program lasted a total of fourth months.