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Mosaic Mafia is a grassroots organization founded in 2009 based in the belief that public art revitalizes communities and enriches the lives of its members. In Mosaic Mafia, students are given their first paid job making public art and taught the basics of mosaic construction. Throughout each summer, students learn the mosaic process from start to finish while creating works that will have lasting impacts on the community. It has been a win-win situation on every level.

Mosaic Mafia has transformed communities by working directly with students to revitalize public spaces through mosaic. What started out with only a few volunteers has grown rapidly over the past decade because of the positive impact had on individual students and the enhancement mosaics have brought the Binghamton area. To date, over 2,000 students have worked as public artists to create twenty large-scale mosaics in parks, schools, and city centers. This program empowers students to take an active part in bettering their communities and involves them in long-lasting public art they can be proud of.

This year Mosaic Mafia is expanding its outreach internationally starting in Mexico. Our goal is to expand the magic of Mosaic Mafia to our sister city, San Juan Cosala, through a partnership with a local mosaic studio that helps underprivileged children. Together we will create a 150 square foot mosaic in the town center to beautify and revitalize the city as well as enrich the lives of its residents. Because of the bulk costs associated with the program, we are asking for your help to bring this program to Mexico. By donating, you will facilitate the creation of global, public art. Not only will these donations assist in the shipping costs and purchase of art materials, they will allow for the education of students and the creation of an interconnected community.


Please help us expand the magic of public art internationally!


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